Customized products

For the past 60 years, we have been building up a technologically advanced and versatile production set-up that enables us to supply you with specialist solutions.

Our Custom made products may involve customization of a standard office product – own material, own colour, with logo, etc. – or they may take the form of unique products that we develop jointly with you. We are specialists in plastic – especially weldable films (PVC, PP, PE, PUR, EVA, etc.) – but we also have extensive experience of working with paper, card, rubber and so on.

It’s the outside that counts

Several of our standard bag types (quick lock, zip-lock and picking bags) are available with printing. We also supply unique material colours and can add extra pockets etc. Product profiling is handled through manufacturing at one of our partners in Asia. In our clean room facilities in Gislaved, Sweden, we manufacture high quality medico-technical products, for example, and can produce food standard approved bags in single or multi-layer film. Quality requirements and volumes define how and where we manufacture. Producing bespoke packaging products in soft plastic, hard plastic, paper or card is what we’ve been doing for many years now. Please challenge us!

Soft plastic products

We are used to playing an active part in our customers’ work to develop new products. With us as your partner, you can be sure of working with an active and knowledgeable sounding board, comfortable with the production and design that match our machines. Contact Tore Solvang, our Development Manager, to discuss a new project.

Batch production over time

We can deliver everything from one-of-a-kind products to batches of several million. Developing a product and then adapting a machine (or even building a new one) to handle a unique product is quite simply what we do. Rationalising the product without compromising on the function is a process we have completed more than a few times. We are happy to manufacture your product at our facility in Gislaved or at one of our partners overseas if this suits the product better.

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