Our warehouse is yours

We do not just stock a wide standard range of office and packaging products. We also hold stocks of a number of customer-specific products such as goods branded with customers’ trademarks or with their customers’ logos. In 2018, we will be expanding our warehouse facilities by 1,800 sqm. Once the extension is complete towards the end of the year, we will have the capacity to meet the increased demand for our products and logistics services.

We deliver to your warehouse

We can deliver to your warehouse in several ways. For example, we offer delivery from our warehouse within 24 hours, directly from our production facility without intermediate storage, or directly from emptying the container, without intermediate storage. Delivery frequency and logistics structure are aspects we decide jointly so as to help maximise customer benefit and efficiency.

Direct to the shelves

Many of our customers want us to deliver directly to the stores that are to sell the products. We can put together a bespoke solution that matches you and your organisation exactly. Here, we simply skip the step involving a central warehouse; in many cases, we can deliver mixed pallets of unit goods ready for the stocking shelves in the store.

We send to your customers

The products we deliver may not necessarily have to “visit” you on their way to the end customers. We can deliver directly to your customers, wherever they may be located. We are happy to put together a proposal to suit you and the people you do business with. Sometimes, things have to move fast; and sometimes your customers need a broader range of products than you normally stock for them. With our logistics proposal for delivery directly to your customers, we keep your promises.

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