This is Specialplast

Specialplast is a company with years of experience in supplying the market with a wide range of standard products in the fields of office supplies and packaging. Ever since Specialplast was founded in Bertil Davidsson’s basement back in 1956, our strength and ambition have been to provide a flexible solution for the market. We retain this strength to this day, but our knowledge has expanded far beyond the limits of soft plastic. 

Our striving to present a broader range of products has led us to establish partnerships with other manufacturers. Not everything is still made in Gislaved – only the products that best suit our facilities there. Today, it is often a question of having the right logistics, and we have coordinated all our warehousing operations in Gislaved in order to serve the market quickly and easily.

Specialplast is a system supplier to the medico-technical industry, with our own clean room production in Gislaved and a development office in Lund. Investments to meet rising demand in Medical are under way – greater production area, improved prototype department and implementation of the ISO 13485 standard are just some of the initiatives we have invested in recently. We have extensive experience in realising product projects, and in designing a rationalised product for batch production in partnership with our customer, material supplier and colleagues. 

We deliver high quality at the right time and the right price – neat and tidy as it should be.

Rationalised and constantly developing

Our machine fleet in Gislaved has been adapted for the development of products and projects in partnership with our clients. We have manual machines for small volumes, semi-automatic machines for medium volumes and fully automatic machines for use where relevant. In partnership with our customers, we are happy to run product development from prototype to full-scale automatic production. Welding and joining different plastic materials constitute our field of specialist skill. We prefer to carry out the work as high frequency welding, thermal welding, thermal contact welding or impulse welding.

Our key relations

A large part of our success is founded on excellent working relations with selected manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Our network comprises a fine mix of high-volume manufacturers who supplement our own production, companies with spearhead skills in a given material, and creative partners who work with us to develop products. We operate a thoroughly prepared and quality-oriented form of partnership where we work together to generate maximum customer benefit.

Quite a lot has happened over the years

The year was 1956, and the coming sports stars Ingemar Stenmark and Björn Borg opened their eyes for the first time. That same year, in the basement of his home in Gislaved, Sweden, Bertil Davidsson started making his first plastic products for local businesses. What no-one could know back then was that customised plastic products would come to be in such high demand. The timing was perfect. It was at that time that new, modern plastic materials were driving development forward at a dizzying pace. We are still called “Specialplast” today, and we still work with the same spirit – to remain attentive to our
customers’ unique wishes and requirements.

  • 1956 – Specialplast founded
  • 1987 – New factory built at the address Baldersvägen 40 in Gislaved
  • 1990 – Start of medical production
  • 1995 – First clean room constructed
  • 2000 – Acquisition of Esselte Wensbo AB
  • 2003 – Acquisition of Plastico AB
  • 2008 – Acquisition of Bright Office Scandinavia AB
  • 2012 – Construction of prototype department
  • 2017 – Acquisition of SIAM International AB
  • 2018 - New warehouse
  • 2020 - Acquisition of AB EBA Plast


We believe that, by taking active responsibility for our common future, we become an attractive employer, partner and stakeholder in society. We then also create opportunities for the company to grow in a profitable and responsible way.

Our commitment for a sustainable future

  • Promote diversity
  • Contribute to society
  • Take responsibility for the environment
  • Work to bring about constant improvements in quality
  • Practise good business ethics

Quality & the Environment

We view our quality work from the perspective of our customers – an attitude that permeates the entire process. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1996, and our methodical work method is finely implemented throughout the business. We have good experience of, and procedures designed for, projects involving PPAP processes. 

To us, environmental work is an active and ongoing process:

  •  The electricity we use is produced from renewable sources
  •  Packaging solutions are optimised to minimise transport volumes
  •  We are signatories of the FTI scheme, thus taking responsibility for our packaging solutions
  •  All our products comply with the REACH Directive – which we consider only natural
  •  All PVC used in our production is DEHP-free

We have been ISO 14001 certified since 2003.


Certified clean room production

Our clean room facilities are certified to the ISO 13485 standard, which helps us expand our range of products for customers – with the special procedures for traceability and documentation this entails.


A sustainable environment

Since 2013 we have held an FSC ® certificate, which means that parts of our range are made using raw material from responsibly managed forestry operations.
Buying FSC ® labelled products allows consumers to make an active environmental choice and contribute to sustainable development. 


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